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In today’s world, digital technology is revolutionizing the way individuals and organizations communicate, interact and share information. Despite this, there exists a hesitance among many Pakistani churches and ministries to adopt these technological advancements.

One of the key deterrents is the lack of understanding and knowledge of digital technology. Many church leaders and administrators are simply not familiar with the tools and platforms that could enhance their ministry’s outreach.

Further, fear of the unknown also creates a barrier. Digital solutions often seem complicated and intimidating to those who haven’t used them before. There is apprehension around privacy concerns, data security, and the potential backlash from traditional members of the congregation.

Another common misconception is the perceived expense associated with setting up digital platforms. Many ministries operate on tight budgets, and the thought of allocating funds towards unfamiliar technology can seem daunting.

Lastly, the misplaced belief that creating and maintaining a digital presence is straightforward and can be done independently often leads to ineffective and substandard platforms. Without the expertise of a professional, these attempts can fall short of their potential impact.

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